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Introducing a Gripping Adoption Memoir

Nevada City, CA – Adopted at birth and raised as an only child, Sierra Nevada writer Jan Fishler began her search for the truth at age 40.

Jan lived her first four decades in a world permeated by loss, shaped by deception and cloaked in shame. As was the custom at the time, she was told in early childhood that her birth mother died while giving birth to her, and Jan believed she was responsible for her death. In her memoir, Searching for Jane, Finding Myself, Jan details the abandonment, fear, anger and sadness she experienced at the hands of the well-intentioned but misguided adoption process of the 1950’s, revealing the steps she took to begin her healing process.

Her honest account of the journey that led to buried secrets—and a shocking number of unknown siblings—is a gripping tale. When she tried to help a friend who was interested in adopting, Jan learned that in all likelihood her birth mother had not died in childbirth—and could very well still be alive. Unaware that her feelings of abandonment and loss controlled her behavior, Fishler admits, “My feeling of loss ultimately affected everyone around me.”

Information the author discovered while searching for her birth mother’s “heartbeat” will be of interest to all members of the adoption triad: birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptees. For some readers, the book will begin the healing process. Others will be empowered to complete that journey.

“I couldn’t put the book down,” says 65-year-old Lee Schlenker, who was also adopted at birth. “I truly felt some of the pain Jan experienced on her search for the truth. It brought tears to my eyes and her reunion was so uplifting.” Searching for Jane, Finding Myself is packed with useful information including how to begin your own search–which can be a daunting task since only 7 states have completely open records–and how to maintain realistic expectations.

 About the Author

For 20 years, Jan was a corporate scriptwriter, video producer, and a marketing and public relations consultant. She produced the DVD writing series, “The Path to Publication,” distributed by Films for the Humanities and Sciences, and is the co-author of a series of articles on post traumatic stress disorder published by VietNow National magazine. Searching for Jane, Finding Myself is her first book. Order copies from Tin Cat Media at www.searchingforjane.com for $12.95 plus shipping/handling. The book is also available on Amazon.

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